How to Change a Lightblub


1.  Look at the lamp that is currently in the socket to see what shape and size it is. The wattage will usually be a displayed on a wattage indicator sticker near the bulb socket. Use the Lamp List for Patient room.

2.  Make sure you turn the switch off and check the fitting using the voltage indicator. 

3.  Let the bulb cool down for about 30 seconds or more.

4.  Remove the burnt out lamp and dispose of it properly.

5.  Fit the new bulb. Do not over-tighten or press on the bulb too hard.

6.  Turn on the light switch to make sure the bulb works.

7.  Make sure you don’t get shocked.



Use extreme caution when working with glass because it can get very hot.

Always replace your Lamp like for like.

Consider going green and use CFL bulbs 



Make sure the switch is off first and check the fitting using the voltage indicator. If not, you risk being shocked.

If a bulb has just gone out, it may be hot! Do a few quick touches with the tip of your finger to determine whether it is cool enough to handle.

Do not install a bulb that is larger than the recommended power rating on the fixture’s label. This will cause a fire hazard!

If in doubt, contact an electricion.


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