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How to Win in Real Estate and Life…

I attended a great seminar yesterday with Mike Brodie, Master Faculty Member with Keller Williams University…here are some of tips I loved…”Brighten a Room when You Enter, Not when You Leave”…Don’t insult the Alligator Until You’re Across The River”, “Be an Encourager…you never Know When a Word, a Look, or a Touch can Change someone’s Life”…these are just a few of Mike’s great “Life” tips!  thanks Mike

The Grandparent Scam!

Can you believe it?  The latest scam to hit is the “Grandparent Scam”…the criminal will scour obituaries to search for the names of grandchildren. The Grandparent will then get a call from one of their grandkids saying and sobbing into the phone (so voice isn’t recognized) that they need money for an emergency.  That’s it!  Bilked out of their savings!  Lowest of the Low!  Please tell everyone you care about to beware.  Good thing there are more good people than bad in this world!  By the way…TheHeartNHomeTeam take care of Seniors!  We are accredited Senior Agents…equipped to deal with individual needs of the mature market.